A tribute to a brand that has won my heart // VIDEOS

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since I arrive in Barcelona (City well-position in my heart because of Maita – My grandmother), I’ve come to appreciate the love, the enthusiasm and the ownership by which the Catalans own their country. Every time I watch a TV spot by ESTRELLA DAMM, I always remember my home country. I remember because after lots of divers experiences (including Traveling, Social Responsibility with Catholic School and managing traditional brands) but wondered why we can’t be like this? If you’re Venezuelan and live abroad, you’ll probably hear people speaking ill about Venezuela because of In-Security, Corruption, etc; and not enough people talk about the great stuff in Venezuela… I’d love to have a brand like Estrella Damm willing to invest in Venezuela like this.

Here I found a brand that is willing to invest in their people, their awareness, their successes, their culture. BRAVO ESTRELLA DAM, BRAVO!

I will include in this post several TV spots (from recent to past) and then some others in Catalan. I’m sorry about the language, If you’d like a translation I will gladly help.

And here the spots in Catalan

After writing this post I have come with another TV Spot very similar:


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