Replicating an Ad ?? Really??

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Is it ok to “me too” an ad from another category?

Doesn’t this ad resembles to this ad??

There is a lot of difference, the color codes, the age of the casting, the music…. These are probably some of the arguments one could say if any type of complaints arise (on legal terms).

But, once again, IS IT OK??

two views:

1.- In terms efficiency, this might be a safe approach. If well advised, the production team can certainly “change” the ad to a certain level that it stays away from courts. But does people like “re-runs”?? maybe you should take a look at the “Hollywood Movie Business” Are there any or many re-do’s during the last couple of years??

    YES: people like re-runs, they like new versions and adaptations. There far too little things that people like and are able to create great recall from your audience. (sorry all creative people from major agencies, but I’ve seen this a normal practice of yours when new ideas don’t work).

    2.- In terms of ethics, its WRONG. If your creative team it’s not “creative enough” you have two choices: a) make them work harder or b) change your creative team.


    I’m really sorry if some readers don’t agree with my views, but although replicating some ideas can be backed-up as “leveraging” the competition or executing a “best practice“; In terms of creative work (such as TV ads), there are “credits” and copyrights.

    At the end, courtrooms are managed by people with laws created by people, so you will be able to find a way to get your ad without getting into trouble. So it will be between you and your conscience.


    final thought: I have seen a lot of creative work in my short lifetime (great artists such as Dali, Picasso among others have proven that “thinking out of the box” can bring great things to those who take the challenge),  But people “think” they like things the way they are and start criticizing “new ideas” and that makes us avoid “creative thinking”. At the end, It is a matter of greatness, you can play it safe and have a good life; or play it “creatively” and a far better life (although you’ll find some bumps in the way).


    If anyone care to drop a line with your thoughts, I’d really appreciate it.


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