Welcome to the digital world

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

As Internet penetration increases and the time spent “surfing” is boosted, more and more companies want to be a part of the digital world and gain some benefits from doing so.


What some of the companies forget is that ANY marketing execution MUST have a STRATEGY behind it. That’s why there is a lot of useless websites and poorly invested money in the digital world. This post will go through the details that your online strategy should include.

The first thing you need to know is your brand perception.

It’s not the same to be considered a commodity than to be a premium brand. This information will help you establish the “mood and feel” you need to have in your web site. Also, remember your current and past advertisements in order to include some of the visual characteristics of it into Digital.


What is the purpose of your site?

Is it, Just having an online presence? Is it a place of reference (so people can come and find out about your brand / products)? Is it to support an ATL campaign? Is it the main part of a 360º campaign?


Understanding the purpose of your site, will help you develop your communication needs and audience generators. For instance: If you’re using this site as your first a main brand site, you should put your team to work on SEO, as you want to be found very easy by search engines. But if you want a “temporal” site that will only be online during a specific time to support an ATL campaign (very common in industries such as Automotive), then SEO it’s not as important (because it could overtake your MAIN SITE’S POWER) and considering that your audience will come from the ADS. Other sites (the ones used as the main communication media) needs to better understand where the customers are (other sites) in order to advertise in those sites.


Of course, you may combine the above, but the important thing is that you understand the purpose of the SITE and how your audience will come to it.


Research about your target’s internet habits

Does your target spends their “internet time” on news sites, sports sites, entertainment sites, games sites, etc? Is there any advertising space available for rent?



Now, let’s say your product already sells well in the marketplace. Are you using your product to attract consumers to your web site? is it too difficult to incorporate a URL or a 2D code on your package art?.

Isn’t this also applicable to ATL campaigns? there are different ways to execute this:

1.  Just add a URL at some part of the AD (not only at the end of the ad).

Did you notice that throughout the entire commercial the banner on the side bands of the terrain had the nikefootball.com (very clear in the ronaldinho scene)??.

2.  Use your AD to impulse your campaign. (sorry I use this same AD)


I really don’t want to write too long on this, so my advise is to consider DIGITAL as another part of the mix, it should never become THE MIX. It is true that some years ago TV worked best, and nowadays having a two-way communication or viral site is very effective, but as in any investment, diversifying the risk is the best way to avoid a huge mistake




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