Is it so difficult??

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been in Madrid for 2 weeks now and during this time I’ve seen a lot of things that I can’t quite understand.


All over town I’ve seen pretty great things about recycling and mobile use. In fact, I was pretty amazed that I had 100% coverage while underground for most part of my trip. However they use really long URL‘s for their ads. (not only Metro de Madrid, but all advertisers that publish their ads on the metro are using big – boring – long to type URL’s).

This one is a clear example: an AD motivating you to “train your thumbs” and has a big URL and no 2D CODE, … come on, if it’s for your thumbs, it’s mobile, and you don’t thinks these details???

Back to Metro de Madrid, I was wondering, how is it possible that an organization that is so aware of the communication needs of its customers still communicates with them through the wrong ways. Is it so difficult to include a 2D code that will take the rider right to your ad’s page?. Another thing I wonder is how come this network of tubes, that require a complex mapping doesn’t have proper maps for the mobiles. London Underground (as well as Paris’s and others) have developed great Blackberry and Iphone applications, so Is it to difficult to create one that will ultimately generate a production cost reduction on the amount  of “flier-maps” printed (being eco-friendly at the same time) and allowing people to search for the better connections for a trip?

If there is someone who knows someone on Metro de Madrid, ask them to be proactive or at least compare with their counterparts. It’s easy to sell an APP creation project and even easier to include 2D codes in the ADS (and on the maps).


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