Integrating Old Media – with Social Media

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have found that great campaigns are usually inclusive, that is including new media to reach the target in new meaningful ways. That’s why I believe that a great marketing strategy should include social media as part of the marketing mix (without losing the strength that classical ATL & BTL medias have proved.

This post is really about including some new technologies into branding campaigns to make available the two-way conversation described in social media, impulse a sale and develop the consumer interest on your products once it has been reached by your traditional advertisements.

Now, lets say that you have deployed a print campaign and you’re reaching your target at a coffee shop, a dentist lounge, etc. How frequent do you think the consumer will get to his/her house with the ad in mind to “go online”?. The chances aren’t really good, right? However, those advertising media have proof themselves valuable, but is it possible to improve the return on investment for free??

Nowadays it is possible to include a link… but not a http://www. but an almost clickable link. I’m referring to 2D codes. Watch the following video to get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Here are some examples of the use of 2D codes in Advertising Campaigns:

But that’s really to BASIC we can do better than than that, right? Here are  other examples:

This is no experiment, you’ll see that big companies are already using this technology, so why aren’t you?

And even in NYC you’ll see 2D codes on the interactive billboards. (Click this link to watch video)

You should know that if a company as big as Audi is doing BTL stunts such as the one below, you’re overthinking the technology.

You’re right, I haven’t said anything about results. Watch this Lego Video:

Finally, this trend is so hot, that developers around the world are looking for new ways to include QR Codes in their communications, but until very recently that meant showing a huge “black and white space with the code”. In this page QR Code News I found a 2D code that is integrated within a moving image (this is very neat because it opens the possibility to show your code in a more friendly ad).

Roger, thanks for the SWF file, but WordPress regulations prevent me from showing the file in the original format (I had to turn it into a short movie).

WORD OF ADVISE, don’t  rest on the laurel’s!!! keep up the research you’ll find amazing things.


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