6 ideas for Viral – Social Marketing

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

According to David Meerman Scott he has identified six things that are needed to create something that people will get love to share.

There are several examples: Some youtube video with some million visits or an idea re-twitted hundreds of times, all of them have something in common:

1. Nobody cares about your products …


… except yourself. But it’s truth, if you write about your product, people will say: “¡Boring, I’ll see something else!“.


2. Do not force people to share


They’ll do it  for love. You don’t have to convince them to do it with some sort of game, contest os something that makes them think: “ I want to share this because I’ll win something“. No, coercion is not needed.

3. Stop controlling your information


This third point is opposite to what most people think, you have to stop controlling the informatio. Once published, people share whatever they want and you don’t have a saying.

You can’t control what they are saying, and very often big companies don’t like the idea because they’re well used to maintain information control. However, the thing that makes people share is the lack of control and “permit to share”.

4.Make roots


In other words, you must have an internet network, either a blog, a podcast, a webpage, something for people to find you.


5. Create a release mechanism


A triger that will encourage people to share. Creating something so valuable that people think: “I need to forward this”. This may be a YouTube Video, a very interesting Post or an inspiring information.

6. Show the world your digital door.


Showing people where everything comes from, might encourage them to buy your product, or be interested in what you do. In a nutshell, to share stuff you need people to return to the origin to make business with them. So they’ll learn about you, read about you, if your product is selling online or ofline, looking for ways to communicate with you, hire you for a job or else.

This simple rules will greatly improve your chances to extend your reach.


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