Viral Marketing

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Viral marketing is anything you do that deploys a trend about you. You are looking for the “domino effect” in which you’re able to get a whole community by motivating a single member:

Some examples:

PR Events (more about these types of events on my “other media” post):

Evidently tha impact of the event in developing a viral campaign depends on:

  1. The power of the brand.
  2. The media and consumer awareness about the event.
  3. The credibility and “likeness” of the presenter.


Some useful tips about doing this kind of events:

  1. Have an agency prepare an “invitation list”: They (agency) usually count with a great deal of contacts that are both, willing to cover your event and are cool or credible to your target.
  2. Develop a neat “preservable” invitation: Non of the Wedding-Type invitation or simpler as you wont get the attention you’re looking for and could end in the trash.
  3. Invest in improving the awareness of the event: Try to keep everybody on their toes waiting for the news to be shared.
  4. Reserve a great venue: This is a tricky thing, because you don’t want a place that is either too small or too big for your “guests”.
  5. Use your web and social communities wisely: develop a sense of need “to hear the news”.
  6. Start your ATL campaign right after the PR Event: This will help you get the word-of-mouth started.

Social Media Stunts

At 130’000+ hits at youtube plus several other social communities, you can expect a lot of people wasting a perfectly good Diet Coke with a mentos to prove that this works… (this is great news for Coca-Cola as you can imagine).

Tips on getting an Idea Viral:

Now, there is a group of people  “yourBusinessChannel” that have develop this great video on Viral Marketing, I thought anyone that’s really interested in this, should watch it.


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