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Whatever mix of advertising you choose for your campaign you should always include the following.

  • Public Relations (PR) EVENT: these events may gather internal clients (such as the sale force and VIPs), external clients, press representatives and chamber VIPs. During such event usually the brand speaks on a more freely matter (as it has more time to explain the news to the audience).

    My experience is that if all the above attendees are aware of the importance of the news (whether it’s a product launch, a new image, line extension, etc) the message will travel faster than expected. Here are some reasons:

  1. Word-of-mouth: Term used to define the person-to-person communication. A well-informed sales rep is able to deliver a better news than someone who only receives a sales sheet. Also if you hear someone speaking passionately about any given subject, its probable that you’ll get interested in it.
  2. Free publicity: Usually, press and magazines have a space within their edition to include news (if relevant to the media user). This news are seen as CONTENT and as such, most printed media will print the news if they find that the content is relevant for their consumers. My experience is that the cost of the event is paid by the free publicity collected after the event.
  3. Expert recommendation or Trend-setters: In any given subject there is a public figure that when he/she speaks of it, makes it a trend. Others give the “thumbs-up” and the audience feels like the product has been tested. So, by inviting these experts, we have the chance of (a) having a free publicity within their space (radio, tv, etc). (b) having the opportunity to be interviewed in a show (to explain the benefits) or (c) forward the information (given to the invitees at the PR event) to other (smaller) medias.
  • POINT-OF-PURCHASE PRINT MATERIAL (POP): These pieces of material should always be included in any campaign, so that the consumer easily identifies at the local store the news heard.

  • DISTINCTIVE PACKAGE DESIGN: When launching a campaign, you should (if the supply chain allows it) change the product design so that you can deliver the news through the package, here are some examples:

  • SPONSORSHIP: (this one is not imperative) This is a way of displaying the brand’s logo in any photo published of the celebrity. This celebrity usually has a contract with the brand. My experience includes a public spokesperson that was the image of All Bran during the launch. Also, Special K used the “miss Venezuela” event to use the slogan “the cereal the misses eat”.

Other big brand’s (such as NIKE, GILLETTE or PEPSI) use this gaining “GOOD WILL” as a collateral for the sponsorship.


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