Information-based decision making

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The following list includes some tasks that I have encountered during my brand management experience:


One of the most important things during my marketing career has been the decision-making process. At my early days I was taught that whenever possible I needed to have “all relevent facts in my hand” prior to taking any decision. After a wild I have learned to differentiate when and why I could take some decisions without the proper supporting facts.

These facts come from several different sources:

  • Research
  • Internal Audit Systems
  • Client ERP Systems


This facts were sometimes just data that I had to interpret. Much of it was discarded and then, after carefull thought organized in PowerPoint Presentations that were used as a mean to show higher management the results of my analysis. Some of the fact more constantly used are:

Internal Data:

  • Volume and Value Sales:
    • By Region.
    • By Brand.
    • By SKU
    • By Channel
    • A combination of the above.


  • Volume and Value Production:
    • By Plant
    • By SKU
    • By Time Periods (monthly, YTD, yearly, etc.)


  • Inventory Available:
    • In Plant Warehouses
    • In Distribution Centers

External Data:

  • ACNielsen‘s readings of market sales.
    • Market Share
    • Volume or Value Sales
      • By Region
      • By Channel
    • Numbered and Weighted Distribution
      • By Region
      • By Channel
    • Price per unit
    • Price per Kg


  • Kantar World Pannel (formerly Latin Pannel).
    • Volume and Value Purchases.
      • By Region
      • By Channel
    • Market Share
    • Prices


  • IPSOS Advertising Tracking
    • Share Of Mind (SOM)
    • Top of Mind (TOM)
    • Brand Awareness
    • Advertising Recall
    • Usage
    • Switching Habits


  • Other Research Studies


All these Data combined, enables you to convert it to information (that is “relevant facts that prove any given point”) for the following purposes:

  • Corporate, Division and Department Reports
  • An Input for Forecasting
  • An Input for NPD
  • A Backup for decisions:
    • Price Changes
    • Regional or Channel Strategies.
    • Inventory Strategies.
  • Others.

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