History of marketing

August 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Can we really speak of marketing history? Is there a beginning of this “marketing” like the beginning of a life, the beginning of a journey or the beginning of an age?. Please explore futere posts on what marketing really is.

Every person, everywhere since the beginning of time have used marketing for their advantage. Here are some examples:Caveman

  • A caveman: when he put himself to be “the leader of a tribe” by telling others that he is the best hunter – self marketing.
  • A hunter: when he brings an animal to his house as a prize, he is also self marketing as the alfa-male.
  • Ancient time: whenever a culture tried to gain power over another they spoke of “better living conditions” – that was marketing
  • And nowadays, with the development of BRANDS the marketing as a profession is born.


It took us 20 centuries to understand that there is strategy behind every sales effort. That any given brand, whether a carbonated cola drink, a country, a person or any other product or service could gain power if some strategies were used.


Today, we hear a lot about Marketing Departments, Brands, Ads and think that marketing is mostly about what we see on TV or on Internet, but the most important part of marketing is what happens behind the scene.


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